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Help and General Information

Do you sell cars?

No, Yorkshire Coast Autos do not sell cars, we list local dealers and private sellers. Once you have found a car you like, you can contact the seller and complete the sale directly.


I want to sell a vehicle?

Yorkshire Coast Autos allows you to sell your cars (new and used), and soon other vehicles too! Vans, Marine Vessels, Motorbikes and Caravans just to name a few that will be released soon.

For a private sale our pricing plans start as little as £10 a month (for 1 car) and dealers can start for as little as £25 a month (for 10 cars). It is very simple to add your car for sale, click to register first, once registered, choose your listing plan (currently FREE for 180 days) and start adding your car details.

Interested? View our pricing plans here: https://yorkshirecoastautos.co.uk/pricing/

Looking for a new vehicle?

Yorkshire Coast Autos has a collection of New Vehicles to choose from.

Check them out here: New Vehicles available

Looking for a Used or Certified Used vehicle?

Yorkshire Coast Autos has a collection of Used or Certified Used vehicles to choose from.

Check Used Vehicles out here: Used Vehicle Listings

Check Certified Used Vehicles out here: Certified Used Vehicle Listings

What is a Certified Used Car?

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) cars are low-mileage used cars, fully inspected and backed by a manufacturer’s or dealers warranty. Vehicles with a manufacturer or dealer warranty benefit from that extra assurance that the vehicle you are buying is free of defects. In the event that you have a problem with the vehicle, you can be confident that the manufacturer or dealer will often provide repairs free of charge or at a limited cost, which could protect you against an expensive repair or defects. You’ll pay a little more for a certified pre-owned car, but the additional coverage may be worth it. We always recommend checking with the dealership to find out exactly what is covered under their certification as each brand’s certified warranty is different.

Check Certified Used Vehicles out here: Certified Used Vehicle Listings

How do I view my listed vehicles?

To go to your vehicle listings page, go to the My Listings icon and Choose My Items.

View my vehicle listings

How do I view vehicles I have added to compare?

To view vehicles you have added to the compare page, go to the compare icon.

Compare vehicle listings

Where do I view my orders, subscriptions and listing plans?

To view your orders, subscriptions and listing plans, go to the My Account menu.

My Account Menu

How do I add a vehicle to my listing plan?

To add a vehicle to your listing plan, click on the ADD YOUR VEHICLE link.

Add Your Vehicle

How do I delete a vehicle from my listing plan?

To remove a vehicle from your listing plan, go to your inventory, hover over the photo of the vehicle you wish to delete and click on the disable button. Once a vehicle has been disabled, a delete icon will then appear over the photo allowing you to remove it from your listing plan. This is intentionally done this way to prevent accidental deletions.