Terms and Conditions

It is the intention of Yorkshire Coast Autos to provide you, on behalf of one or more of our car dealerships or private sellers, a comparison site with which to compare vehicles in the Yorkshire Coast. If you choose to purchase a vehicle seen on our website, you will undertake this through the dealership or private seller. We are not involved in the sale of the vehicle at any stage of the process. We do not take a commision on the sale and do not offer any warranty implied or otherwise on the vehicle. We recommend that you confirm all the vehicle details with the seller before completing the sale.

If you are a private seller or dealership, you are fully responsible for all the details represented in respect of the vehicles you list on yorkshirecoastautos.co.uk. Yorkshire Coast Autos will not be held responsible for any inacuracies relating to a vehicle listed on the site.

All the details on our website are entered and maintained by the dealership or private seller themselves. We are in no way responsible for any inaccuracies or financial loss due to the information on this website being supplied by third parties.